What is Wheel Cleaning and How Can It Save You Money?

Wheel cleaning—also known as wheel repair, wheel reconditioning, and rim reconditioning, among other names—is a process in which a skilled technician uses materials like abrasive pads, sandpaper, and various chemicals to remove the top layer of your wheels and expose the fresh metal underneath. The result is that your rims look brand new again, without actually having to replace them. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the type of car you have. Car detailing companies also have wheel cleaning as part of their service.

It’s important to distinguish between wheel refinishing and wheel cleaning. While refinishing simply involves painting over your existing rims with a new coat of paint (which will eventually wear off), wheel cleaning is actually a serious procedure that requires the skills of a professional. The wheel cleaner works in the same way that a dentist does: he removes the top layer of your rims to reveal what’s underneath. After the procedure is completed, the wheels are coated with protective polymers for lasting protection against corrosion and brake dust build up.

Many people turn to wheel cleaning when their wheels are no longer looking their best due to pitting or corrosion that has come from driving on bad roads or exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Wheel cleaning is a process that involves removing dirt, brake dust and other grime from rims. This can leave your wheels looking like new again and protect them from damage that can be caused by brake dust. Wheel cleaning is often combined with tire dressing to create a beautiful shine on the entire wheel.

Your wheels are frequently exposed to contaminants that adhere to the surface of the metal. These contaminants will eat away at the surface of your wheel over time, leaving it pitted and corroded. Wheel cleaning removes these contaminants, restoring the appearance of the wheel and preserving its lifespan. The most common contaminant is brake dust, which results from wear on your braking system. Other contaminants include grease, oil and road grime, as well as salts and minerals left behind after snow or rain has melted off your wheel.

Another important reason to clean your wheels is so they look good. A clean wheel provides a professional appearance for your vehicle and shows others that you care about how it looks – even if you’re just driving to work!

Wheel cleaning is a process that removes harmful brake dust, road grime and other debris from the wheels of your vehicle. Without regular wheel cleaning, debris accumulates on your wheels and can cause excessive wear to tires, damage to the wheels themselves and even harm to other components of your vehicle. In addition to causing damage, dirty wheels make your car look shabby. A thorough wheel cleaning can restore a showroom shine in minutes.

The best way to remove caked-on dirt and grime from your wheels is with a power washer. These machines are available for rent at hardware stores or you can outsource the job by taking your car to a professional detailer. Be sure to use a high-pressure nozzle on the power washer, as this will ensure the best results and prevent damage to the delicate components of your vehicle’s suspension system.

While you’re in the process of washing, don’t overlook any parts of your vehicle that get dirty. A sparkling clean car will look brand new again, but if you only clean some parts of it, you’ll miss out on the full effect.

Considering how much money you’ve spent on your tires, a good wheel cleaning is a great way to keep them looking their best and, as a result, keep them lasting longer. While all tires need regular cleaning, it’s especially important for alloy wheels. Without proper care, the aluminum and magnesium used to make these wheels can corrode when exposed to the elements. In addition to keeping your wheels looking nice and new, a thorough cleaning can also prevent the dirt that accumulates on your wheels from getting on your car’s paint job. If it does get scratched, it’s going to need some expensive repairs that you could have avoided with a good tire wash. To give your set of wheels the care they deserve, try a good tire cleaner like Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner. Use this product and its powerful cleaning formula to take care of road grime and dirt—and avoid car washes that use dirty brushes that could scratch up your rims.