Using Vapor Steam Cleaner For Car Exteriors

Not all steam cleaners are capable enough to clean the outside of cars, but with Jetsteam and Jetvac steam cleaners having high temperature, they do remarkable jobs on car exteriors. It cleans the windows, body, handles, side mirrors, and every detail of the car exterior. Cleaning exterior of cars with a steam cleaner eliminates the use of water to rinse it and lesser time to dry the car because of its low moisture feature. The windshield is there to offer you a clearer and better view so it is highly significant to clean it using a quality window cleaner.

Car exterior cleaning includes:

* Cleaning of Car Body and Panels

For steam cleaning the body of an automobile, one can either use the steam lance and microfibre cleaning cloth or the triangular brush with clipped microfibre. Using less than a gallon of water, able to clean the exterior of a car from top to bottom. It removes dirt and old ineffective wax that has been lodged in the car for years. Steam cleaning can get rid of sap, diesel fuel and smoke in the car body that is difficult to remove with traditional car cleaning method. Vapor steam cleaner restores the car to its original shine and appearance.

* Cleaning of Wheel and Rim

Wheels, rims and brakes are known to be one of the hardest parts of a car to clean because of the heavy layer of brake dust build-up. With the added water injection feature of a steam cleaner, it can easily loosens the dirt and rinse it away on the wheels and rims without using any chemicals. Simply press the steam lance button to use the injection feature and start cleaning. Wheels and rims can be easily and thoroughly clean with just a cup of water and wipe the residues with cleaning cloth. With vapor steam cleaner, no water mess at all.

* Cleaning of Engine Room

Engine room is known also as the heart of a car and the dirtiest place that is usually covered in a coat of dust, brake dust, carbon, oil and other difficult substances. No matter how hard these substances to clean, only by using Jetsteam and Jetvac vapor steam cleaners allow you to clean and detail engines quickly and effectively. Its different attachments help in cleaning engine room. Using the power of steam easily melts away dirt, grease and oil in metal and plastic hose and connections. These vapor steam cleaner is safest cleaning machine to clean around electronics, sensors and other sensitive areas of an engine room than using a pressure washer.

Vapor steam cleaner is safe, chemical free, effective and efficient cleaning machine to use in detailing and restoring the shine of car exteriors.