Sure There Are Lots of Local Social Media Consultants for Small Business – So What?

Every time I turn around, I find that I end up on business lists. These are lists of business people and they are used by marketers to sell products and services. One of the most common e-mails I get, of all my unsolicited junk mail are those from social media consultants. These are folks that promise to help you get more friends on your Facebook company page, or help you market to all of the members of all of the social networks. Well, since everyone is into this new way of doing business, I’d like to talk about it weren’t moment if I might. Social media marketing agency find markets for your business strategically.

Just because you spend tons of time on a social network like Facebook, Google+, or any of the others doesn’t mean you are going to get lots of business from it. In fact the return on investment is fairly lousy from what everyone I know is telling me. Of course, a social media consultant will tell you that you aren’t doing it right, and if you do things the way they tell you, you will get more business because of it. Is that true? Just because you get more friends or have more people following you, doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically convert to more business.

Sure, the more friends you have, the more potential customers there might be within that group, but you could also hire an outside salesperson who could actually go and find your customers and you’d spent a lot less time doing it, and you’d get more business for the same amount of time or money spent. You see that point? Do you doubt what I’m saying? Do you really think that social media is all it is cracked up to be? Well, if you do, there’s an interesting article you should read.

There was an intriguing piece on MSNBC on April 26, 2013 titled; “Small businesses aren’t so sure about social media – Nearly two-thirds of owners say their companies haven’t seen any return from work-related online efforts like Facebook,” by Bruce Kennedy. The article stated;

“Is having a social media presence for your small business worth the effort? According to the results of a survey quoted in USA Today, perhaps not. A social networking site for small businesses, reports 61% of those businesses haven’t seen any return on their investment in social media activities. However, half of those said they increased their time working on the social media side of their business, compared to a year ago – just 7% said they had cut back on that time. “

What I’m trying to tell you here is I’m not alone in my observations, many other small business people are wondering why there spending two and three hours a day on social media and not getting a lot of people coming to partake in their businesses. Could it be because it doesn’t work, or it only might work for certain types of businesses and not others?

Could it be that all of these social networking consultants really don’t know what they’re talking about, and sure they can generate lots of buzz around the Internet, but if very few of those people who are surfing your blog, Facebook page or website are in your area, or have any money (because they’re spending all day online rather than working) then what difference does it make, and why are you wasting your time first place question. Please consider all this and think on it. Read more about social media promotion for facebook.

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