Spectacular Trips for People Who Love Surfing

Surfing app can be a great stress reliever, seeing as you are constantly near water and water is proven to have calming effects on the psyche. Imagine yourself just sitting on your board, riding the waves the ocean provides and just watching the sea life around you. It seems almost magical, and a lot of surfers report that it is that “one-ness” they feel with the water that keeps them coming back to the sport. Surfing is also a great way to work up your muscles, since the paddling and constant balance it takes to stay on a surfboard needs a lot of strength and muscle endurance. Taking trips with your family to exotic locations is one other way that people get into surfing. They may not start out going on the trips for just surfing, but as soon as people see the water there is a strong desire to tame it and capture the beauty.

Beginning surfers may start off their journey by questioning other surfers or locals what the sport is all about. It seems that right away after the first couple tries to stay on that board, there is a determination that builds into a need to master the board and the water. After the initial meeting of surfer and board, the bond is set and the next part of the journey is to travel wherever possible in search of the coolest and most fun surfing spots. Traveling around the world is not only one pastime that most everyone wants to partake in, but it is especially daring for surfers wanting to ride on any water that they can. Some pretty famous surfing spots include the Gold Coast of Australia, the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia, Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa, Bali of Indonesia and Samoa.

Finding a surfing spot to call your own can be one of the most intriguing parts of being a traveling surfer. Constantly going to new countries and islands, discovering what they have to offer, and – if you’re lucky – finding a surf spot to truly call your own. Somewhere chill, where the swell is perfect and the waves are never-ending. A place not overwhelmed by tons upon tons of other surfers all trying to catch the ultimate wave. If you have a family, a nice place would be somewhere secluded where your kids can play or a nice rocky area where your wife can relax. Some of the best surfing spots are the best kept secrets, and there are still tons more out there claimed by no one. If you aren’t into the scene of competing, or just want a more serene ride, look into finding your own personal surfing spot.

International Surfing Day is on June 20th each year and is a fantastic time for surfers to unite and share their own favorite chill spots. As most of you know, the sport of surfing is an ancient one that has existed for thousands upon thousands of years before us. That being said, it is magnificent to think that we can still find spots that are brand new to us as modern age surfers. There is no status quo or stereotype that can be applied to surfers. People enjoy the sport no matter what ethnicities and religions they may be. Some places are united by surfing, such as California in North America. California has a very large surf scene and is home to many different surfing competitions worldwide. Australia’s Gold Coast is also a very popular surfing spot where people all gather to enjoy the same vibes.

Discovering new and exciting surfing spots has never been so easy with our modern age. The internet lets us share information indefinitely and will continue to be a great source for finding many new places to check out. If you want to try somewhere that has never been mentioned before and find an all new spot, I recommend just blindly putting your finger on a map and traveling to that country. Try and find a translator that may be able to show you the ropes and help you meet up with other surfers. See where they like to surf, and take it farther from there. Always make sure you surf prepared and be safe! Surfing is extremely fun but can be very dangerous at times. Never surf somewhere completely new to you without some sort of supervision. Surf’s up!

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