New Storyboard Artist Interview On YouTube


There are lots of storyboard artist interviews to check out! It’s crazy how tv storyboard help the artists to organize interview in youtube.

New Storyboard Artist Interview.

Our interviews with storyboard artists give you an insider’s look into the process of making an animated movie. We interview animators, directors, producers and other people involved in the movie making process.

We also interview fans who love to watch animated films!

Another Storyboard Artist interview.

Interview with a Storyboard Artist

In this video, I interview a storyboard artist who has worked on animations for televisions, movies and commercials. He explains what being a storyboard artist is like and how he got into it. If you’re interested in becoming an animator or working in this field then this video will help you learn about the job description and requirements of working as a storyboard artist!

  • Job title: Storyboard Artist
  • Responsibilities include: Creating animatics from script to rough layout (called thumbnails) which are then used by the director for final approval before moving on to animation.

Yet another Storyboard Artist interview.

I’m a huge fan of interviews. I love watching them, and I also love doing them. So when I was approached by Storyboard Artist about doing an interview for the site, it was something that interested me right away. The idea of interviewing other storyboard artists and sharing their experiences with others is a very cool concept. It gives you insight into how other people work, what their process is like, and how they got to where they are now in their careers.

I’ve been an artist my whole life and have gone through many different phases: from drawing comics as a kid to making silly little videos with friends during high school; then finally starting out as a professional artist after graduating college with film degrees under my belt (and loads of student debt).

There are lots of storyboard artist interviews to check out!

Here are a few interviews to check out:

  • Bill Watterson is best known as the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. The interview is from 1995 and covers his history in comics and life after Calvin & Hobbes. It’s an interesting read!
  • There’s also an interview with Tony Cliff, who worked on Samurai Jack and Big Hero 6. He shares some insights into how he approaches storyboarding for animation.
  • If you’re interested in working on big budget animated films, this article offers advice from Bruce Maclean (Ratatouille) about how to get started as a storyboard artist on big budget projects like Frozen or Zootopia.


I hope that you enjoyed this storyboard artist interview. As always, if you have any questions about these videos or would like to share your own experiences as a storyboard artist. Click here to access storyboard artist interview.