Hair Removal Creams – Permanent or Fleeting

The truth is, when it comes to removing face hair, you’ve got options one is laser hair removal face solution others they will use creams. Hair removal creams are the last thing you should consider when thinking of hair removal. Creams though are easy to use, that is why some people prefer using them. But they are unaware the damage they cause to the skin and hair. They use strong chemicals to dissolve hair. The creams work on the surface of the skin and not on hair follicles.

 If you are looking for permanent hair removal technique then hair removal creams are the most in effective way of hair removal. Hair removal creams give rise to thicker and stronger hair than they were originally before. The worst thing about these types of creams is the irritation it causes. Hair removal creams are messy and smelly. They may cause allergic reactions on sensitive skins. The treatment must be repeated very frequently, maybe after a day or two depending on the hair growth. There are many brands of creams that claim that they can be used on every part of the body whereas every body part has a different texture of skin and same cream should not be used for all. Hair removing creams cannot be used on broken skin or near eyes.

These skins should not be used on gentle skins and especially sensitive areas like the bikini line, face and underarms. If you use a cream on the areas mentioned, you are most likely to damage your skin, causes skin problems to yourself like rashes and irritation. They may also cause red bumps on sensitive skins. On the other hand, the smell of hair removal creams is unbearable. These creams contain so harmful chemicals that they might cause cancer with prolonged usage.

The best known way of permanent hair removal is through IPL Laser technology. Most manufacturers of hair removal creams claim that it might permanently remove the hair, but there are no known as such to date. On the other hand hair removal creams are known to increase the hair growth and cause tenderness and thickening of the hair. They also increase the number of hair.