Energy-Efficient Corporate Car Options

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While many businesses have begun to acknowledge the need to reduce their carbon footprint, few are yet aware of the role they can play in significantly reducing their energy use. One way to accomplish this is by choosing more energy-efficient corporate cars Melbourne. Hybrid vehicles, electric cars and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles have been shown to use less energy than conventional vehicles, which means they cost less to operate over time. As a result, many corporations have begun switching out their old fleets for new ones that run on alternative fuels like CNG or electricity.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars are powered by both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. The electric motor can be powered by a battery, or by a combination of gasoline and electricity. The electric motor assists the internal combustion engine, which reduces fuel consumption.

Electric Vehicles

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient corporate car option, consider an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles (EVs) are more environmentally friendly than typical gas-powered cars, because they don’t produce harmful emissions. EVs also have minimal noise pollution and can be charged at home using your own electricity or solar panels.

Electric vehicles might not be ideal for long commutes since they need to be recharged after a few hours of use, but they’re great for shorter commutes that involve driving around your neighborhood or going from point A to point B in your city. The average commute time in the United States is 25 minutes—which means that most people spend less time than that getting to work every day!

If you’re interested in purchasing an electric vehicle, do some research before committing so that you know what kinds of models are available and how much money you’ll have to spend upfront (EVs can cost anywhere between $30k – $100k).

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles

  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles are cleaner and more efficient than diesel. The use of CNG has been shown to reduce emissions by up to 90 percent when compared to gasoline-fueled engines. This reduction in emissions results in a significant reduction of greenhouse gases, particulate matter, and other pollutants.
  • CNG vehicles can be used in a wider range of climates than diesel. Diesel engines operate efficiently only between 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). In contrast, CNG engines can operate at temperatures ranging between -45 degrees Fahrenheit (-42 degrees Celsius) and 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius). They can also operate at altitudes up to 8300 feet above sea level compared with 4000 for diesel vehicles.
  • CNG vehicles cost less money per mile traveled than diesel cars due to its lower cost per gallon or liter equivalent as well as fewer maintenance costs associated with running it on natural gas rather than gasoline or diesel fuel sources

Using a CNG or electric fleet car can reduce costs, as well as business carbon footprint.

CNG and electric vehicles are more energy efficient than conventional vehicles. This means that your fleet can get the same amount of work done with less fuel, which in turn reduces your costs and your business carbon footprint.

CNG and electric vehicles have lower maintenance costs. Because they use fewer parts and need far less maintenance, you’ll be able to save money on vehicle repairs and replacements.

CNG and electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles—and they’re also quieter! If you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your business or organization, these options can help by reducing waste without sacrificing performance or comfort for passengers.


We hope this article has given you some insight into the many different ways in which businesses can be more energy-efficient. We believe that not only is it important for the environment, but it also makes economic sense to use efficient cars. If you’re looking for a vehicle that uses less fuel and produces fewer emissions, contact us today!