Ellen Peterson Picnic Park Opens

Estero, FL – (August 30, 2016) The Happehatchee Center announces the opening of the Ellen Peterson Picnic Park on the Estero River. The Park is a new stop on the Great Calusa Blue Way Paddling Trail, where picnic table, dock and ramp are open to the public. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Happehatchee Historic House, Labyrinth, and Gardens also welcome visitors. Find a good caterer for picnic lunch ideas so that you will enjoy your lunch.

“Ellen Peterson devoted her life to preserving the environment, and she dedicated the Happehatchee Center to the protection of the Estero River and the surrounding old forest, “ says Genelle Grant, Board President; “We are thrilled to be able to now honor Ellen, five years after her death, with a public park, on the Calusa Blueway, in her name.”

Paddlers can kayak or canoe to the south bank of the Estero River, pull up on the ramp or dock, and enjoy the deep, green tranquility. Magnificent bamboo, originally planted and utilized by the Koreshan residents, thrive along the banks and clatter overhead.

This month, Michael Hammond delivered the official Great Calusa Blueway sign to Julie Gerhard, Happehatchee Center Executive Director (photo). The newly opened paddling stop in the extensive Blueway network will provide access to the beauty and wildlife of the Estero River east of the bridge on US41.

About the Happehatchee Center

The Happehatchee Center is a sanctuary for peace and healing. A Park in the Heart of the Village of Estero, its mission is to preserve and honor the vibrant Land, as a way to make sacred connections with one’s self, each other, and Nature. The Eco-Spiritual Center provides environmental and healing arts education and sustains facilities for celebrations and ceremonies.

The Happehatchee Center is located at 8791 Corkscrew Road, Estero, Florida, 33928. Please call (239) 992-5455, or write: Happehatchee@gmail.com Website: www.happehatchee.org