Electrician: Keeping Things Safe and Bright

Electrician Brisbane Southside is not only limited to household repairs but they also know how to fix car electrical issues. An older home loaded with architectural charm, but containing an outdated electrical system and a subpar circuit breaker box will be quickly overloaded by the demands of today’s electrical devices. A refrigerator, microwave, programmable coffee maker/ grinder/ espresso maker, 6 burner range, convection oven and toaster are all standard equipment in a modern kitchen, but in a home wired for electricity six decades ago, the system may be unable to support all of these appliances; and should someone turn on a hair dryer at the same time that demand is high, that one additional device may cause the circuit to blow and shut the whole system down. And a teenager attempting to get ready for school without electricity may blow, or shut down, as well.

An electrician can come into the home and evaluate the existing electrical system, inquire about the needs and lifestyle of the homeowners and create a plan for how much of an upgrade will be necessary to meet those needs. The house may require a complete rewiring job, which can be done with the inclusion of additional outlets, switches and lighting features throughout the house. Because of the sensitivity of some of today’s electronics, it may seem a logical decision to have the electrician install a whole house surge protector while running the wires for the new system.

Should a homeowner choose to install outdoor lighting, such as flood lights or motion sensors, or architectural lighting for a pool or a spa, an electrician will put in outdoor outlets with GFCI protection included. If these outlets pose a threat to overstress the current circuit breaker panel, a sub panel can be wired to redistribute the load.

Another feature that has become a popular request made of an electrician is the installation of a standby generator. This device will automatically switch on when a power outage occurs, providing electricity to most household appliances, whether or not the homeowner is present. For individuals who live in a rural area this is vital, as water is supplied to the home via a well pump; if there is no electricity, there is no water!

An electrician should be licensed, bonded, insured and certified by the state they work in ensuring they are aware of all codes for that state and that they work within the compliance of the standard codes, requirements and restrictions. Before any work begins, inquire about the cost of the job that is to be done and if charges are determined by the size of the job or are calculated at an hourly rate. Also ask if weekends and after hours are charged at a higher rate. A request for all expenses to be written out in advance will afford peace of mind that there will be no surprises in the total due once the job is complete.