Doctors and Auto Mechanics specialises in car detailing port Melbourne, which is a specialised form of machine polishing to permanently remove imperfections such as swirl marks and scratches, premium car detailing. Depending on the circumstances the order of the title could be switched to Auto Mechanics and Doctors. To find a good mechanic in many ways can be a preventive health measure as much as seeing a doctor. Especially when you find an honest and caring mechanic. They can help lower your blood pressure, your stress level, decrease anxiety, and contribute to a more positive mood.

Over the years I’ve had a few good mechanics. I’ve had more personal dealings with them than doctors I might add. I’ve seen my doctor on a regular basis, my wife sees to that, but I don’t really know the guy..

As far as mechanics go I’ve also fought with the big time car dealer mentality. They have high prices due to overhead and less than personal care because of the size of the operation. I have at times been met with out right hostility from employees of the dealership. Contrast that with the rare but not totally non-existent good honest car mechanic. Good in that he knows what he’s doing and honest in that he only charges for what he did. I once took an old car of mine to this good mechanic, who’s since passed away, he looked the car over and gave me a diagnosis of the problem. I didn’t need to fix it right away. I asked him how much I owed him. He responded with disdain, “you don’t owe me anything cause I didn’t do anything”. How’s that for a good car mechanic. An old high school class mate of mine, who just passed away, I’m not that old by the way, was an excellent mechanic. He could have you rev the engine and tell you what the problem was. If the car wasn’t running he could diagnose it from what it was doing while it was running. Where have all the good mechanics gone?

A different experience I had was with a company that specialized in break service. I had taken my car there for 10 years or so and the guy, evidently a manger, was always fair and up front with me. He could be gruff if he thought it was necessary but he was always honest. That’s what kept me coming back for all those years. This last time I took my car in during the bottom of the fall out in this economic down turn. The owner was there that day. He had my car inspected and told me I needed a brake job like now and I could drive the car at my own peril. I didn’t have $400 for a break job right then and there. So I switched cars with my wife, this was the car she drove. I drove that car so if any thing happened it would be on me. I’m unfortunately experienced in driving clunkers.

As soon as I had the money I took the car to a different shop to see if I could get the job done cheaper. The owner told me that I had plenty of ware left on the brake shoes and rotors. He said that he would gladly do the brake job for me but I didn’t really need it. From the time the first guy told me that I needed brakes ASAP until now has been about 18 months. The car is just fine, thank you very much. I drive it from time to time make sure that I don’t hear or detect the need for the brake job. Who do you think I should take the car to when it does need that brake job? That was a rhetorical question. You and me both know I’m going to take it the honest guy. The guy that had me as a loyal customer for 10 or more years lost me because of his desperation. I won’ t say he was greedy because I don’t know the guy. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I do know that the economy at the time had just fallen off the cliff and was almost at the bottom. So I think he was just desperate.

Moral of story: Don’t get too relaxed in your dealings with any company. Many times it’s the person more so than the company that makes the difference. For business owners, decisions made of desperation may lose more money than you realize.

Where have all the good mechanics gone?

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