Courier for a Delivery Company

I work as courier for a delivery company. My main job functions are delivering and picking up packages. I have been working for this company for 25 years, but I have had other positions in the company, including dispatcher, loading planes and customer service. I enjoy being out on the road and have been driving for the past 12 years. Use an app to book your Brisbane courier and receive it next day.

The main function of my job is delivering and picking up packages. I can have about 40 to 50 delivery stops a day, and about 30 pickups. Right now, drivers still set up their own deliveries and decide what order they will do them in. A common misunderstanding is that there is a program that tells us how to do our routes, but for now, we make our own decisions. Many people will ask how we can know so many streets or ask how we can know so many areas, but after a while it really becomes second nature. Routes in cities or suburbs are much easier to do than ones in rural areas. Some drivers have to drive an hour or more between their stops. I have heard a story about a driver that actually needs an ATV for some of his deliveries.

I really enjoy the on-road part of my job. I have worked in an office, and I find that office politics are very frustrating. On the road, I feel I am in charge of what I am doing, and I get to make decisions on how I run the deliveries, or what order I am going to do my pickups. I do have a manager that reviews how I did every day, but my success or failure is determined by me only. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing I was able to meet my on-road goals. The managers can make suggestions, but they trust our area knowledge and allow us to be independent. When we return to our location we have to load the packages into trucks or containers in order to send them to various destinations.

I came by this job accidentally. I was working as a fitness consultant in a gym and taught aerobics classes. One of my students thought that I would make a great fit at a new facility the company was building and was able to get me an interview. I was going to college at the time, and I thought it was a good part-time opportunity to make money until I graduated. Plus, they offered tuition reimbursement. After about a year I was offered a full-time position and I took it. I stayed in college but changed my status to part-time. I try not to dwell on thinking about what I would change if I could go back. Unless someone invents a time machine, it is a waste of time to even consider this. I believe we cannot change what happened in the past, but we can make a better future for ourselves, and that is what we should concentrate on.

One of the best things about this job is that it is different every day. The area stays the same, and I do have regular customers, but interspersed between the regulars are stops that I have never been to before. One of the strangest things I have encountered on my route was a lady that wanted to ship her Chihuahua. She offered to drug the dog to make sure he slept for the entire trip. She was very insistent but luckily we had a rule about shipping live animals. This was many years ago, but I still remember it as one of the strangest things I have ever had to deal with on the road.

My job can be stressful at times. We have commitment times that need to be met, and sometimes it is a challenge to get to all of the stops on time. On very heavy days, it is sometimes necessary to bypass stops that have a later commitment time in order to make the other stops. This can be very frustrating and can make me want to pull my hair out, but it is the nature of the business. That is the reason customers choose us over the competition, they expect their packages on time, and that is the service we provide.

Fortunately, I am able to have a healthy work-life balance. As frustrating as it can sometimes get, I do not take the job home with me like so many of my friends. I do not have to worry about sales calls, patients or what other people are doing. I do worry about the economy and what effect that will have on our company, but I have faith that my company is making the right decisions to stay competitive.

Couriers who have been with the company a long time and are full-time can make roughly forty thousand dollars a year. This varies greatly for different parts of the country as there are different pay scales. New hires do not get to the highest range for a few years, so they only make roughly thirty thousand dollars a year as a full-time courier. The company does provide benefits including dental, medical and eyeglasses and even provides those for part-time employees. Tuition reimbursement is also available for people who want to grow with the company. For driving positions, the only education necessary is a high-school diploma and a clean driving record. Organizational skills are necessary because planning stops can be tricky, and there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done.

After 25 years, I have accrued five weeks vacation, and I use all five. The work here can be very physically challenging, and after a few months, a rest is needed to recharge. Otherwise, the body can start to really breakdown and make the job increasingly difficult.

I recommend this line of work to people who want a great part-time job. The benefits are good, and many companies do not even offer benefits to part-timers. Moms, students and people who only need part-time income can find that this is a great opportunity for them.

The only drawback is the economy right now. Businesses are starting to consolidate, and many of them are rethinking their shipping choices. In five years, I hope that I will be able to retire from this position, but I will still need to work. In the meantime, I am working on the skills necessary to find one. Adelaide courier one of the reliable and can be trusted in document parcels.

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