Bring Your Car to Life With Custom Car Paint Colors

Paint protection Melbourne are committed to giving your vehicle the protection it needs to stay looking perfect and to teaching you how to maintain it properly. There’s no doubt that paint makes a huge difference in making a car attractive to anyone that will see it. Has your fancy already been caught by a bright pink Volkswagen beetle car on the highway, a neon yellow Ford Mustang on a country road or a spicy red Ferrari cruising around the city? If you want your car to steal the spotlight and stand out, then choosing a high quality custom paint is the key.

Choosing a Car Paint Color

Car color selection is not as easy as you think as there are wide-ranging options to choose from. Though you can choose the safest color like those on existing vehicles, going for a custom shade of paint is definitely more rewarding. A blend of different paints will pave the way for a more attractive design that suits your personality.

Try the Candy Paint

One of the most well-known and trendiest car colors that a number of custom painters use nowadays is candy paint as it is unique, easily noticeable and gives a flashier look. Many consider it as one of the hardest type of custom paints to apply, so entrust it only to a workshop offering professional car painting service in Dubai.

Some of the most preferred candy colored paint shades are cobalt blue, apple red, candy turquoise, lime green, candy orange and organic green.

Chrome Paint for a Hyped Look

Want to give your car a stunning, shiny appearance? Then chrome paint is the way to go. Applying this paint entails a meticulous and time consuming process as two paint jobs must be done to achieve a true-blue chrome-looking car.

Colorful Chameleon Paint

Another great color that will bring out the best in your car is the chameleon. This is perfect for those who fancy a loud and attention-grabbing color. What makes it a popular choice is that it can easily be altered by changing the base colors. Photo Chromic and Thermo Chromic pigments also create distinctive color changing paint effects that vary with light source or changing temperature.

Whatever color you choose for your car, make sure to entrust the painting job to a professional workshop offering high quality yet affordable full car painting in Dubai.