5 Reasons College Cost so Much

Child care courses Sydney will qualify you to work at any child care centre in Australia, as a child care worker. If we are attending college, or paying for a child to attend college, we know how expensive tuition has become, even if it is a junior college. It the past everyone thought if you went to a university it was very expensive, but the colleges were cheap. That is no longer the case, both are equivalent in their charges. Here are five reasons the cost has spiked.

  1. Updated facilities. The dorm rooms now have individual restrooms, or two rooms share one bathroom. The dorm rooms are spacious, with less students per room. The campuses now have computer rooms, where students can meet together to study in groups and access their assignments online. They have private gyms, giving everyone more options on how they exercise. Some also provide individual kitchenettes.
  2. Meals adjusted to suit everyone. With allergies that can be fatal, colleges are having to conform their menus and meal options. They need to provide for those who must eat a particular diet. Some colleges have opted out of cafeterias all together.

Instead, they have provided kitchenettes. This allows the students with food allergies and sensitivities the ability to make their own food, in their own setting.

Adding these facilities is an added expense over the cafeteria, because some colleges added these to each dorm room, or split between two rooms. This was in hope, that the person with the food allergy could keep their food separate from others.

3. Federal and States don’t give the funds they use to. Colleges and universities do not get the funding they did 10 years ago, so colleges had to find ways to draw students to their campuses. Many of the Federal allotments have run out, so students are left with footing the bill.

4. The cost of books surged. When the cost of one course textbook amounts to over $200, it is no surprise tuition has increased to cover the cost that professors need for their class materials. Department of Textbook Rentals provides textbooks 90 percent cheaper than the purchase amount. They give the option for free shipping, knowing college students need to save their money for tuition.

5. Is it worth the money? If you make unwise decisions on credit cards, federal, or private student loans, or even which college you attend, you could get burned bad plus end up with an enormous debt. But the values you learn for life, and the education you receive is priceless.