5 of Your Questions Answered about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal Sydney did a great job with their clients in removing the unwanted hair. Body hair can be a massive problem for many women. As well as affecting your confidence when you have excessive and visible hair growth, staying smooth and hairless is an annoying chore. While we are usually excited for skirt and bikini season, we women are more than happy about bearing all and keeping up with removing un-wanted fur and fuzz. For most women remembering to shave your legs before work, to pluck those brows for an event and to keep that bikini line perfecto are jobs that women want to be a thing of the past. Hair removal can be time-consuming, painful and expensive. So laser hair removal Leeds is a dream-come-true for lots of women! Laser hair removal allows women to be free from the pain of waxing or plucking, the terror of in-grown hairs and the look of shaving rash, which to me is a real god-send.

1. But how does laser hair removal actually work?

Laser hair removal works by penetrating a pulsed light to target and kill the melanin (what makes hair dark) in your hair follicles. What is amazing about laser hair removal Leeds is that it can target lots of hair follicles at one time, so this allows you to treat large problem areas in just one session.

2. Does laser removal hurt?

The pain of laser hair removal is described as an elastic band snapping against your skin, so a similar sensation to having your eyebrows threaded. Not every zap is painful but this depends on the area of skin that is being treated (a bit like waxing). However, as you are working towards being completely hair-free, this pain is very minor and you will have amazing and long-lasting results.

3. How long does it take until I’m completely hair-free in that area?

To put things into perspective, when having a laser hair removal session on your legs it would usually take around two hours per session. So having your upper lip or bikini line won’t take long at all! For most clients, it is recommended to have laser removal sessions about 4 weeks apart and it takes usually around 4-6 hair removal sessions to be completely hair free in that area.

4. How do I prepare for a session?

Depending on the machine that is being used you will either have to shave on the day of your session or 2-3 days before. Be sure to ask your specialist so you are fully reassured that your skin is completely prepared for the session.

5. When is the best time of the year to start having laser hair removal?

The best season to get treated is when you have the least sun exposure, so that means winter will be the best time to get treated. If you have dark skin or if you have recently been away on holiday and are now tanned, some lasers will increase the risk of damaging to the skin’s pigment. So, at all costs avoid tanning to ensure you have the best results!